Buying Mobile Advertising

According to Borrell Associates, local and national mobile advertising is expected to soar over the next five years. 

Borrell Associates is a research and consulting firm that tracks local advertising and helps media companies develop executive strategies. Their focus is on interactive advertising and marketing, but they also work closely on the traditional media categories as well. 

Mobile DTV

Direct broadcast to mobile devices is transforming an advertiser’s ability to reach and engage consumers. Mobile DTV offers the intimacy and hyper-local connection to consumers that advertisers want. Capabilities include interactive advertising, electronic service guides for program information, closed captioning, emergency alerts, and interstitial ads. See more in our Mobile DTV section on this page.  
Local broadcast mobile advertising offers unique hyper-local opportunities to reach consumers in the right place, at the right time. From local news over wireless to Mobile DTV, mobile advertising is taking on a viable role in marketing strategies and branding campaigns.


SMS texting may be the simplest mobile marketing solution.  Broadcasters can offer targeted advertising opportunities within the context of the message whether it is news content, weather updates, sports scores or school closings. Couponing and opt-in retail opportunities are targeted solutions for building local business.

Mobile Internet

Local TV station websites have formatted content that is deliverable to mobile handsets. Video pre-and post-roll ads and advertiser-sponsored content can be accessible to consumers on the go. 

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