Geographic Targeting

Consumers note a connection to local broadcast television programming and personalities, and broadcast television stations connect across all platforms, reaching consumers where they live, work and play.

High-Return Marketing

Not only is all business local, but geography is often more predictive of sales than demography. Every brand has geographic areas of opportunity – and even markets that border each other can show vastly different sales patterns and brand preferences. For most brands, markets comprising a third of the U.S. will over-deliver U.S. sales by +30%.

Nevertheless, geography has been a missing strategy for many brands. When geography is used as a targeting tool in conjunction with traditional demography, the result is significantly stronger brand sales. Geographic areas of concentration can be identified based on brand sales (BDI), category sales (CDI), market share, brand growth (year-to-year % change), and/or brand volume (dollars).

Combined, the 35 key DMAs contain
26% of the population but contribute 39% of
new Nexium Rx sales generating a BDI of 150.
Source: IMS Health





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