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10 Races to Watch in 2016: Pennsylvania Senate

Sen. Patrick J. Toomey, R-Pa., the former president of the conservative Club for Growth, is seeking re-election in a state that hasn’t picked a GOP nominee for president since 1988.


How Jeb Bush Affects the Florida Senate Race

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s presidential exploration roiled Capitol Hill last week. Back in his home state, pols also had their eye on another Sunshine State Republican, Sen. Marco Rubio.


Outside Groups Set Spending Record in Midterms

Political groups independent of candidates spent more than $814 million to influence congressional elections last month, a record for the midterms and nearly twice the spending in 2010, Federal Election Commission records show.


2014 Midterm Elections

The 2014 election cycle has made history for being the most expensive midterm election to date. As of October 31st, the top 10 senate races saw over $428 million dollars spent on television and radio advertising during the general election.


TV Owns Political In 2014, Radio In The Game

A report from STRATA says that programmatic buying has a firm grip on political placements, and that most of the cash is still going to television.


Senate TV Ad Spending Tops $400 Million

As of Oct. 31, $410 million had been spent on TV ads for Senate races in the 2014 election cycle, according to Center for Public Integrity analysis of Kantar Media/CMAG data.


Election 2014: A New Level Of Collaboration Between Candidates And Big-money Allies

It is now standard practice for candidates to share suggested television ad scripts and video footage online — materials that are then scooped up by outside groups and turned into television spots.


Yes, Another Record Year For Political Spending

Evan Tracey, SVP at National Media and former president at Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group, discusses which states had the most spending, how spending compared to past years, and what to expect in 2016.


TVB Resources


Guide to 2015-16 Political Races & DMAs

TVB’s guide to the 3 Gubernatorial races in 2015, and the 2016 Senate, House and Gubernatorial races.


People Talking Politics: How Local Television Drives Political Engagement

TVB’s analysis reveals nearly 75% of local political conversations are driven by what citizens view on Broadcast TV.


TVB Political Analysis: 5 Reasons Winning Campaigns Make the Local Media Choices They Do

When considering which local medium provides the most efficient and effective advertising platform for political campaigns; let us first imagine a media world without local, over-the-air television. What local media would be left for the political pro's to evaluate, Cable…Digital? Each get a lot of ink, but media professionals understand the risks of putting their media-dollar-eggs into those baskets.


Weather. Traffic. Sports. Politics. These are not only the pillars of Local TV News content, but the mainstays of everyday conversation. Click here for TVB's recent presentation to the AAPC on how Local TV News drives America's political conversations.


Politics 2014: Local Market TV in the Next Political Cycle

As the 2013 elections recede in the rear view mirror our attention turns to the outlook for political ad spending in 2014. Recent forecasts on campaign spending growth and on broadcast TV vs. local cable have gotten our attention.


2012 Presidential Election Analysis

Drum roll: The biggest media impact maker on the 2012 Presidential election was… Local market broadcast television. (again!)


How Well Does Cable Reach Your Political Zone?

Television is the most powerful advertising medium. But not all TV is the same. TV stations reach every TV household, while cable's penetration is all over the map. See a list of cable coverage by state.


Unique Local Ad Opportunities

Stations are offering unique cross-platform ad opportunities every day on digital broadcast channels, online, and through social media. See the latest highlights.









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