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No other media channel today can come even close to TV when it comes to reaching lot of people fast and cheaply, with impact.
The Nielsen Company‘s Local Television practice has been working hard to ensure all platforms get counted, and integrated into a metric that is meaningful for marketers, advertisers, and television industry’s C-Suite.
CBS has reportedly issued a bid of $9.5 million for the assets of embattled digital sports group Scout Media. This latest development marks a return of sorts to the sports broadcast media world for Scout, which was acquired in 2005 by Fox Sports.
As voters are consuming far more video content on television versus other platforms, the reach of TV means that it will play a highly influential role in the 2018 election cycle.
Facebook's alleged failure to employ reasonable auditing and verification procedures may have given it an unfair competitive advantage.
At NATPE 2017, new research from Dallas-based Parks Associates finds that good old-fashioned over-the-air television viewing is on the rise.
Nexstar Media Group is now a reality, with moves in place that the company says supports its expanded platform, increased scale and near- and long-term growth objectives.
The amount the U.S. government could spend to buy airwaves from local TV stations fell by 75% as a complex auction designed to free up spectrum for wireless services moves into what may be its last round.

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NFL Divisional game highlights includes a 55.0 hh rating in Milwaukee with the Packers, and a 55.2 and 57.1 in Kansas City and Pittsburgh, respectively, with the Steelers and Chiefs. Our featured market this week is Kansas City.
Nielsen’s Q3 2016 Total Audience Report confirms Americans’ significant and consistent preference for television over all other media.
When The Hell is TV Gonna Die Already?
“For 15 years we've been hearing about the death of TV. At the rate things are going, I'm afraid we're all going to die long before TV does.” —Bob Hoffman, Type A Group
“No other media channel today can come even close to TV when it comes to reaching a lot of people fast and cheaply, with impact. Don’t forget, this afternoon ‘Judge Judy’ delivered more audience ad minutes in a 30-minute show than did all of the videos on all of YouTube in all of America all day.”—Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia

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In Nov’16, the percentage of households with wired cable dropped to 53.3, as the percentage of broadcast only households rose to 12.6%. The percentage for homes with ADS (alternate delivery systems) remianed at 30.3%. See also Nov 2016 Local Interconnect Penetration.
Knowing what’s running, and where, is essential. View the latest broadcast network program line-ups.


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