ADS, Wired-Cable and Over-The-Air Penetration by Market

Source: Nielsen Media Research, DMA Household Universe Estimates

Alternate Delivery Systems (ADS) refers to reception of TV programming via satellite (DBS or Large Dish), or from satellite master antenna systems (SMATV), or from multipoint distribution systems (MDS).

TV Households with wired cable as well as ADS are included in both the Wired Cable and ADS columns. This causes the sum of Wired Cable and ADS to be a larger number than the number in the Cable and/or ADS column.

OTA (Over-The-Air) data reporting beginning Feb 2012.

The January 1, 2007 DMA TV Household Universe Estimates are based on estimates provided by Claritas, Inc. For several markets, the universe estimates reflect the demographic impacts of the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes. Claritas produced the hurricane-adjusted estimates using alternative sources and methods because traditional demographic sources are not up to date or do not yet reflect the post-hurricane population changes. These sources included information from local demographers, the Red Cross, and FEMA. Nielsen will continue to evaluate post-hurricane population data sources and may make adjustments if data becomes available that would improve the quality and accuracy of the estimates.

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