LOCAL WATCH: Where You Live And Its Impact On Your Choices

Media today is fragmenting quickly. Nationwide, live television viewing still accounts for the bulk of our screen time each day, but a wealth of new devices and services make it easier for consumers to watch on their terms. Consider this—15% of all U.S. households have a smart TV, total smartphone penetration in the country equals 77% and 36% of national households have access to the subscription video on demand service Netflix.

Still, many of the choices we make each day about our media consumption and consumer habits are all connected through a complex web of local factors: access to high-speed internet, penetration of cable and TV providers, smart TV ownership and many more. As a result, the fundamental changes that are reshaping the viewing landscape are playing out differently across local markets—meaning localism matters now more than ever.

Q1 2015 Nielsen Local Watch Report


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