Nielsen Cross-Platform Report – Q2 2014

What You Need to Know

The average American today has more ways to watch video – whenever, however and wherever they choose. While certain segments of the population are migrating toward specific devices or viewing habits, the resounding trend is this: Americans are spending more time watching video content on traditional TVs, mobile devices and via the Internet than ever before.

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The following key points highlight the strength of the local broadcast industry:

  • Usage on the Rise. For the consumer, it’s about being entertained and staying informed. TV viewing trends remain significant and strong.
  • Traditional TV Still King. Despite the presence of a variety of entertainment alternatives in the home, Traditional TV remains the dominant choice for viewing video across all age groups. On a Monthly Time Spent basis, 25-34 year-old adults spent 8 times as many hours watching video on television versus the Internet, and 61 times as many hours versus watching video on a Smartphone.

    Monthly Time Spent With Media
    Comparison of Hours: Minutes by Demographic

      T12-17 A18-24 A25-34 A35-49 A50-64
    TV v Internet Video 14X 6X 8X 11X 21X
    TV v Smartphone Video NA 35X 61X 93X 172X
  • Time-shifted viewing has become a true time-management tool, allowing viewers to consume their favorite entertainment programming when they want it – and that content most often comes from broadcast.
    • Broadcast television is now supplying a significant audience beyond LIVE viewing. Through a pilot study, Nielsen found that an additional 11.6% of viewing happens within 7 days and as much as 1% of viewing is happening between 7 and 29 days after air (on a Total Day basis).
  • Tablets, Tablets, Tablets. TTV households are still adding new technologies but none so much as Tablets. Year-over-year, Tablets grew +55.5% to 42.1 million in TV Homes. DVRs grew to 55.7 million, and High Definition TV sets also grew to 100.7 million. DVD/BluRay Players saw a slight decline (-0.9%) to 93.7 million.
  • Economy Driving Some Consumer Choices. Wired cable service shrank -4.4% from 2nd Quarter 2013. Broadcast-only television was up +9.8%, Satellite decreased -2.3% and Telco grew +14.2%. In distressed economic times, consumers are trading their expensive cable services for the most economical alternatives. Broadcast television continues to supply the largest audience with the highest quality of programming, free to all Americans.

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