“The people of Massachusetts rely on local broadcast television every day. It's how we get the news that matters to us. It's how we stay up to date on the information that affects our lives.” —Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass

“[Impression-based buying] helps us extend reach because there are areas we can buy that don’t generate a rating.”—Kathy Doyle, EVP of local investment, Magna Global

“For the consumer, one of the largest impacts that [NextGen TV] will have is that it finally addresses the idea of broadcast and broadband convergence. ATSC 3.0 puts those two together in a continuously variable way.”—Skip Pizzi, VP, Technology, Education and Outreach, NAB

“Bloomberg has upended established election norms in just three short months. He is spending more than any other candidate and is also spending differently than any candidate before him.”—Kyle Roberts, President & CEO Advertising Analytics

“If your business objective is awareness, the next time you are thinking about ditching TV, radio, or other broad reach (wasteful) advertising opportunities for a tightly targeted “addressable” campaign with “no waste,” consider the network effect. It is a powerful, valuable force multiplier.”—Shelly Palmer, Bus Advisor & Tech Consultant

“In 2020 we’ll see local broadcasters continue to make the shifts necessary to create a more level playing field, from moving towards impressions as the common currency for buying and selling advertising, to streamlining invoicing and payment processing, all while embracing automation in buying and selling processes.”—Eric Mathewson, CEO, WideOrbit

“I think it’s morning in the broadcast industry. Media companies are not becoming irrelevant. Although there’s been a lot of bumpiness, people who say that media companies are dying are just embarrassing themselves.”—Josh Stinehour, principal analyst, Devoncroft Partners

“Impressions give us a common currency that allows us to take a more holistic approach to tracking audiences within a market across screens, allowing for easier cross-platform executions. Impressions also give better insight into the actual number of people viewing, instead of a percentage of people viewing — and, in this day and age of fragmentation, every eyeball counts.”—Jennifer Hungerbuhler, EVP & managing director, local video & audio investment, Dentsu Aegis Network

“Both traditional and digital buyers recognize the power and value of TV advertising. This full-screen, non-skippable, sight-and-sound format delivers performance for both brand and direct response advertisers alike. What’s most exciting to those same buyers is that increased availability of viewing data and addressable screens will soon support even more focused buying across premium video sources.”—Brian Golbere, Senior VP, Technology, TV Solutions Group, IPONWEB

“The ad-driven model used by most social media platforms has created an environment where high-quality news is being drowned out by algorithms that promote divisive, click-driven content…This advertising bias has filled news feeds with inaccurate information about everything from vaccines to the Holocaust at the expense of reliable news and information.”—Reporters Without Borders

“Ratings are down because all of our national broadcasts are exclusively available on cable, which is losing subs daily. Football benefits from being on broadcast TV, which is in every digital and traditional package….”—Mark Cuban, Owner, Dallas Maverickss

“Pete Buttigieg has ascended to the top of Iowa's Democratic presidential primary polling by channeling a substantial fundraising haul into TV ads and a robust presence inside the state”— Neal Rothschild, Writer, Axios

“Once impressions-based selling and buy-sell automation become the norm, local TV buyers and sellers will have more time to be creative on campaigns, and sales reps can spend more time in front of clients.”— Automation roundtable with ABC/Disney, Gray, Meredith, NBCU, Sinclair, ProvantageX

“Media companies know they need to invest in new technologies including ATSC 3.0, automation, and expanded digital advertising. ATSC 3.0 offers significant advantages for TV advertising, enabling broadcasters to more directly measure audiences and releasing them from reliance on third-party measurements.”—Mary Collins, president & CEO, Media Financial Management Association

“This election will be the video election. If there is video to buy, we’re going to be collectively trying to buy as much of that video as we can.”—Evan Tracey, SVP, National Media.

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