Staff Directory

Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVB
Steve Lanzano
President & CEO
Abby Auerbach, EVP, Chief Advocacy Officer, TVB
Abby Auerbach
EVP, Chief Communications Officer
Susan Converse, SVP, Chief Financial Officer, TVB
Susan Converse
SVP, Chief Financial Officer
Hadassa Gerber, SVP, Chief Research Office, TVB
Hadassa Gerber
EVP, Chief Research Officer
Brad Seitter, EVP, Local & National Business Development, TVB
Brad Seitter
EVP, Local & Nat'l Business Development

Brian Allers, SVP, Business Development

David Buonfiglio, VP, Digital

Asa Cogswell, Database Coordinator

Anne Conway, Director, Web Systems

Arleen Fong, Accountant

Cassandra Jennings, Research Analyst

Andrew Karamouzis, Marketing Research Director

Elena Latzen, Marketing Assistant

Luke Oberholtzer, Assistant Research Analyst

Ron Salmon, VP, Marketing Research Director

Lauren Sawyer, Creative Services Production Coordinator

Anthony Spirito, Marketing Research Director

Angela Sundstrom, Director, Communications

Claire Walter, SVP, Creative

Brian Wexler, SVP, Business Development

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