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“Is the loss of newspapers also the loss of basic information, deep reporting, investigations, even democracy itself? I don’t think so. Leading television stations are the natural candidates to become the trusted source, and many will.”—Hank Price, director of leadership development, School of Journalism and New Media, Ole Miss
“The fact of the matter is that TV works. It still gives a strong performance for advertisers. A lot of clients are seeing diminishing returns on some of these digital properties.”—Media Buyer, from Variety
“Digitally born, direct-to-consumer brands like Dollar Shave Club, Chewy and Casper have learned that nothing helps them scale customer acquisition and sales like TV.”—Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
“As we saw last week in the upfront presentations, the broadcast networks are far from done. They showed they are still major players, still the favorite of the big mass advertisers - the people who throw around billions.”—Harry Jessell, editor, TVNewsCheck
“Over $4 billion of pharma spend is in TV ads … that is their most impactful form of advertising. That is where the patient has the most need of being informed.”—Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary
“The sooner we get to a fully measured consumer experience, the better for everyone, including the consumer. Nielsen is the leading candidate to do that, but, make no mistake, someone will make it happen. The result will be a world in which the answer to viewer behavior questions will not depend on who you ask.”—Hank Price, director of leadership development, School of Journalism & New Media, Ole Miss
“The approach needs to be not about pulling away linear TV dollars, but how digital can help support and amplify our client’s linear TV spends.”—Steve Carbone, managing director, MediaCom NA
“TV is the main driver because it has scale and an emotional connection. It drives people to websites. It allows an ad campaign to work harder. TV and digital should work together.”— Bob Feinberg, VP, Yonkers Honda
“We’ve been tolerant for too long. It’s not acceptable to have brands showing up where opioids are being offered, where illegal drugs are promoted, where abhorrent behavior is present or where violence is seen. The apologies are heartfelt and appreciated, but that’s not good enough.”—Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G
“Lawmakers can increase regulation on these behemoth tech companies to ensure that these companies cannot use their market power to stifle competition and the financial viability of local news.”—Gordon Smith, president, NAB
“The idea of marrying TV to digital is becoming established, but now you have to marry the TV advertising and monetization to the digital side as well. Content verticals such as sports and entertainment provide a golden opportunity to use the strength of broadcast to drive online conversion.”—Dan Albritton, CEO, Megaphone TV
“Local TV can get to the next level by moving toward prescriptive selling, and attribution is an important piece of that strategy. Attribution will be increasingly important for local TV's selling initiatives, including spot and digital touchpoints, to prescribe and document results of campaigns.”—Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services
“I think younger news consumers want to consume brands they feel like they have a connection with, and television stations have had a connection with their audience for a really long time. Taking advantage of that is really important.”—Andrew Heyward, Knight Senior Researcher in TV News Innovation, ASU Cronkite School of Journalism

“With the digital landscape being very crowded and consumers being bombarded with questionable ad messages online, advertising on TV provides reassurance that a brand is legitimate.”— Lux Narayan, CEO & Co-Founder, Unmetric

“Television remains the best channel for conveying emotional brand images and sustaining them over time.”— Zenith, Automotive Advertising Expenditure Forecasts Report
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