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“Our survey indicates that buyers of traditional media are extremely comfortable purchasing a myriad of digital ads from their local salesperson, so sellers should be prepared to sell offers across multiple platforms.”—Celine Matthiessen, Vice President of Analysis and Insights, BIA
“The consumer sentiment that we heard and felt most during the lab testing was excitement about ATSC 3.0 capabilities and a high overall level of interest in engaging with those capabilities and services through their local broadcasters.”—Bill Hague, EVP, Magid
“At any given minute there are nearly 5.3 million millennials watching TV in the U.S. That compares with the 2.2 million watching YouTube or the 1.1 million listening to Spotify.”—Video Advertising Bureau, Left to Your Own Devices Study
“As D2C brands continue to grow, many are now expanding their advertising efforts to include non-digital channels like TV, where they can broaden their reach and apply insights to better connect with their audience.”—4C, Growth Pushes Brands Beyond Digital
“Connected TV is a complement. It’s definitely not a substitute [for linear TV]. You look at the Nielsen numbers, and the time spent on linear TV is more than connected TV.”—Garrett Winkler, Director and Connected TV Lead, Modi Media
“The failure of transparency of digital media companies has left the marketplace in a deep hole…The limited data supply has left the industry vulnerable to false assumptions, such as the popular refrain that digital is more than 50% of ad spend.”—James Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index
“Remember one thing — where you watch amazing content. On your TV, tablet and laptop – the best available screen at the time, but still largely inside the home. There are new and fast-growing players and new distribution models, both ad-supported and not, and we consume it across more screens. But folks, it’s all still TV.”—Kris Magel, President, DAN Media Clients, Dentsu Aegis Network
“The belief that every sale that can be tracked to digital media is wholly and fully due to the consumer seeing media is an inflated and often false perception. Forget about ad viewability. Forget about consumer purchasing habits. Forget the millions of reasons this is a horribly inaccurate assumption.”—Fred Ashkam, Director of Analytics, IMM
“Broadcast TV maintains its central position in America’s households because locally delivered programming informs, entertains and enriches the daily lives of viewers. For that reason, local broadcast TV remains the dominant ad-medium for national agencies, small- to mid-sized businesses and political campaigns to reach and influence consumer and voter decisions.”—Leo MacCourtney, President, Katz Television Group & Chairman, TVB
“Broadcast TV today routinely punches far above its economic weight in delivering high cost, high value, highly rated programming. No other platform delivers high quality scripted programming, big league sports and daily local and national newscasts. All of that programming is available for free to anyone who wants to put up an antenna.”—John Hane, President, Spectrum Co.
“Trump news may dominate national cable TV shows because of the viewership it generates, but that effect doesn’t translate locally. As a result, local broadcast news organizations are best able to transcend the DC reality show and focus on the issues affecting the people who live in their own community.”—Frank Mungeam, Knight Professor of Practice in TV News Innovation, Knight-Cronkite News Lab
“Whereas TV’s contribution has traditionally been confined to brand and awareness only, the availability of data from smart devices and the application of this data have significantly changed the game.”—James Rothwell VP of Global Agency, Brand and Industry Relations, FreeWheel
“As the marriage between TV and digital continues to strengthen, content creators with audiences on both fronts will be uniquely positioned to provide cross-platform reach and sequential creative messaging — “table stakes” in the age of fragmented media consumption.”—Jonathan Sumber, VP of Digital Sales, Hearst Television
“55% and 58% of voters in Arizona and Florida, respectively, ranked TV as “most important” in terms of generating awareness; more than all other media combined. 67% and 71% of voters in Arizona and Florida, respectively, ranked TV as “most important” in motivating them to ‘get out and vote.’”—Research Now SSI, Voter Funnel 2018
“ … on Monday night, we have one final chance to reach undecided voters before Election Day. We can win if we can run our ads on Dancing With The Stars and Monday Night Football, but if we don’t, these are exactly the voters who might stay home instead of getting out to the polls. Running these ads can win us this race.”—Congressional candidate email to supporters on 11/1/18
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