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The phrases shelter-in-place, social distancing and self-quarantine have become commonplace since March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. This pandemic has changed everything about our everyday lives. Common tasks like going to work, going out to eat, and even going shopping have been put on hold as we do whatever we can to flatten the curve and end the spread of the coronavirus. Because of this, online shopping has become an essential way to receive the products that we need and rely on every day.

TVB, with research from Dynata, GfK, and Data Plus Math, has done an analysis of consumers and found that local broadcast TV is essential for providing them with the latest necessary information on COVID-19, and also for reaching online shoppers during a time when online shopping is the only option for many.

Among the highlights:

  • COVID-19 has impacted the ability for Americans to go out of their homes for any reason, including shopping.
  • Respondents felt that broadcast TV news gave them the best information & updates pertaining to the Coronavirus.
  • Broadcast TV delivers online shoppers & local broadcast TV websites offer multi-platform opportunities.
  • TV ads motivate & local TV assets resonate.
  • When picking only five networks, the top four are on broadcast TV.
  • Local TV news is the top source for news and is most trusted.
  • Television ads are motivation to learn more and do further research online.
  • Online shoppers spend the most time with TV of all ad supported platforms.
  • Broadcast TV & broadcast websites can synergistically work together to increase reach.
  • Broadcast TV generated much higher website traffic “lift” than cable.

Source: TVB/Dynata Coronavirus Media Usage Study April 2020 P18+ N = 10,042 (10 states: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan,
 New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington) Q1B: As a result of the Coronavirus, are you at home more?

Source: GfK TVB Media Comparisons Study 2020. Persons 18 + Plan in the next month, to do any shopping online (n=1,602): Yes. Includes only those who chose a media. Q1 - Please select the one type of advertising medium which, you feel, most influences you to make a purchase decision?
Broadcast TV News Websites/Apps includes local TV station & network websites/apps for news/weather/sports.

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