Majority of Kentucky Voters Agree: Local TV News Most Trusted


New research on Kentucky media usage shows voters of all parties respond to and trust news on local broadcast TV

Louisville, Kentucky - Tuesday, February 26, 2019 – Today, the Television Bureau of Advertising released new research on Kentucky voters as part of its ongoing Voter Funnel Study.

“Our research in Kentucky shows that broadcast TV has the highest reach of ad-supported platforms, far surpassing radio, cable TV, and even social media,” President and CEO Steve Lanzano said today from Kentucky. “Broadcast TV news is also a primary news source for registered voters in Kentucky. Forty-one percent of voters list it as their primary source, with social media coming in second, far behind at only 13 percent.”

The survey, administered by Dynata (formerly ResearchNow SSI), finds that:

  • Only four percent of Kentucky voters find fake news “prevalent” on local broadcast TV, as opposed to 61 percent of voters who find it prevalent on social media and 46 percent who find it prevalent on cable TV.
  • Broadcast TV has the highest reach of all ad-supported platforms, including 84 percent of voters 18-34 and 88 percent of voters 35 and older.
  • Across all political affiliations, Kentucky voters trust local broadcast TV news most, including 82 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of Democrats and 86 percent of Independents.

Citing the research, Lanzano noted, “Kentucky voters trust their local news. We’ve seen this in our national study and it holds up here, as well. Eighty-five percent of Kentucky voters ranked local broadcast TV as their most trusted news source – a ranking that held up across age groups and across political party affiliations.”

“We’re in Kentucky today ahead of the 2019 election cycle because campaigns and influencers here know that voters respond to local broadcast TV. We’re speaking with groups that understand the value of TV and its unparalleled ability to spread their candidates’ messages to Kentucky voters. Ahead of national elections in 2020, we’ll continue to see this ring true.”

This latest research was conducted from January 14 to January 23 via an opt-in survey of 1,000 Kentucky respondents. To qualify, respondents needed to be a registered voter and to have been exposed to any of over 20 media yesterday, either traditional or digital.

For more information, visit the Voter Funnel Study page.

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