TVB: Dynata Study Reveals California Communities Impacted by Wildfires Chose TV Stations as #1 Source for Emergency News Coverage


LOS ANGELES and SAN FRANCISCO, CA and NEW YORK, NY (November 5, 2019) – TVB, the not-for-profit trade association of America’s local broadcast television industry, today released a proprietary California Wildfires Media Usage Study conducted by Dynata, a global expert in online market research data. The exclusive analysis revealed that local communities overwhelmingly chose local broadcast TV stations as their preferred news source for wildfire coverage over all other media.

Steve Lanzano, TVB President and CEO, stated, “Recent wildfires that burned thousands of acres of land across California created an urgent need for reliable, real-time local reporting on everything from mandatory evacuation orders to fire safety preparedness. The California Wildfires Media Usage Study is another proof point among a multitude of research confirming local broadcast television’s continued dominant position among consumers as the most trusted and relied upon news source for potentially life-saving coverage in times of emergency.”

TVB commissioned Dynata to survey 1,553 respondents about their media consumption habits related to the California wildfires. Interviews began on Tuesday afternoon, October 29, 2019 in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California and concluded Monday, morning, November 4th. Key insights from the study include:

  • News Source: 79% of respondents used TV station news for information about the wildfires as compared to the second highest, radio, at 47%.
  • Time Spent: At 2 hours and 35 minutes, respondents spent more time with local broadcast television than any other source, more than twice the time spent with radio, the second highest platform.
  • Information Source for Wildfire Preparation: 62% of respondents chose TV stations for information when preparing for emergency situations.
  • Trust: Local broadcast TV news assets were the most trusted source for coverage and information. 90% of respondents agreed that TV station news was the most trusted, while TV station news websites and apps were also a trusted source at 81%. Social media was the lowest at 58%.
  • Why Local TV Assets?
    • The top reason cited for watching TV station news was that respondents wanted information pertaining to their area.
    • The top reason cited for using TV station news websites and apps was that they trust the news from their station’s website/app.

Get more information about the California Wildfires Media Usage Study here.

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