2020 Voters Media Usage Study shows broadcast television primary source for news among Michigan’s registered voters


Broadcast TV is the primary source of news for Michigan’s Democrats, Republicans, and Independents

New York, New York – Thursday, March 5, 2020 – Today, the Television Bureau of Advertising released research conducted on Michigan voters, ahead of the Michigan Primary, to gain an understanding of what media platforms may have the most influence on them.

“An estimated $6.5 billion is to be spent by campaigns in the 2020 presidential election year,” says TVB President and CEO Steve Lanzano. “This study demonstrates why political decision makers spend on local TV. When broadcast TV reaches 85% percent of registered voters in Michigan, beating out cable TV, radio, and social media, it’s hard to deny the influence local broadcast TV has over voters.”

The survey, administered by Dynata, finds that:

  • Television has the highest reach of all media platforms among Michigan adults 18+ (89%) and broadcast TV leads the way (85%).
  • The primary source for news for registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents is broadcast TV.
  • There is strong concern among Michigan’s African American voters about fake news on social media. When asked about trust in the news seen/heard on a multitude of media platforms, only 58% of trusted news reported on social media while local broadcast TV captured 84% of trust.
  • Michigan’s women 18+ living in the suburbs and in rural areas trust local broadcast TV news more than the news on cable TV, radio, and social media.

Lanzano noted, “As an ongoing study, we will continue to go into early primary and caucus states to study what platforms and mediums voters trust most.”

This latest research was conducted from February 14th to March 3rd via an opt-in survey of over 950 Michigan respondents. To qualify, respondents needed to be a registered voter and to have been exposed to any of over 20 media platforms, both traditional and digital, within the past 24 hours. They did not need to have used a television to be included in this survey.

For more information, visit the Voters Media Usage Study page.

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