Broadcast’s Showing of Black Panther Delivered Over 8X the Household Audience of Cable


TVB’s latest viewing analysis shows that local TV provided larger viewing audiences for the special airing of Black Panther compared to cable TV

NEW YORK, New York (September 11, 2020) – TVB (, the not-for-profit organization promoting local media marketing solutions to the advertising community, today released an analysis of the audience impressions from the television airing of Black Panther generated by the broadcast TV stations versus cable networks. This special tribute, held by ABC and TBS in honor of Chadwick Boseman, had the same movie broadcast at virtually the same time. Findings show that, once again, broadcast TV overwhelmingly reached more viewers than cable.

Overall, the ABC stations combined delivered 3,734,000 households, compared to the 440,000 households delivered by TBS — the broadcast audience was 8 and a half times that of cable. In fact, in New York alone, the top ABC market, WABC delivered 404,000 households, almost equal to the entire 56-metered market TBS household total.

For this analysis, TVB used live+1-day currency for Sunday household impressions ('000's) for the ABC stations in the 56 Nielsen metered markets, and the Sunday performance for Black Panther on TBS.

“Not all TV is created equal. Time and time again, the data proves local TV drives greater engagement and audience action compared to that of other platforms,” said Hadassa Gerber, Chief Research Officer, TVB. “Local broadcast TV offers higher reach compared to cable TV. At a time when marketing budgets are strained, getting a return on advertising is critical to drive economic recovery.”

Both ABC and TBS aired the hit movie Black Panther on the weekend of 8/29-8/30/20. TBS aired the movie on Saturday at 9p ET, and again Sunday at 8p ET, both with commercial breaks. ABC also aired the movie on Sunday at 8p ET.

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