The Future of TV

Most TV Companies Are Unprepared for Advanced TV, Research Reveals

Hear more about the state of Advanced TV from a new study from SintecMedia.

As local, national, cable and digital companies all focus on new forms of audience targeted and digital video, they enter new territory with opportunities to beat competitors, including Google and Facebook.

Yet many companies are currently unprepared.

The study finds that:

  • 59% of all TV media companies rely on homegrown technology to sell their inventory.

  • Only 31% believe that their company has what they need to sell digital and linear TV in a single streamlined process.

  • While TV executives believe that TV ratings metrics will become the standard for multichannel and advanced TV advertising, agencies believe that the impression will become the significant metric.

  • TV companies feel confident that the TV department will take on more digital sales while agencies believe that digital will take on more TV sales.

Success depends on offering advertisers fast transactions, easy delivery, and big scale.

Do you have what you need to win Advanced TV market share?


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