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Scripps will be selling off 23 of the Ion TV stations to a buyer who will keep them as Ion affiliates. It recently sold off its Stitcher podcast business and WPIX-TV, New York. But it has no plans to sell its spectrum--now combined with Ion, the biggest collection of spectrum in the industry.
According to BIA, the lion’s (47%) share of political advertising dollars goes to local television and another 19% goes to cable/satellite/telcos.
U.S. buyers have turned to online retailers like Amazon and Walmart in record numbers, mostly to avoid shopping in crowded places or because their local stores were closed.
As mothers prep their kids for an unusual back-to-school season, they’re turning to local TV and digital-only sources like social media for updates and the latest developments.
The nation’s biggest Democratic super PAC and a Latino group have launched a $6 million Spanish-language ad buy in Florida after former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged $100 million toward the presidential election in Florida.
Two weeks into the NFL season show a 7% decline in the average Nielsen-measured viewing per game across all networks — to 15 million viewers versus the same period a year ago, Television News Daily reports.
A report published this week by Zenith Media forecasts a 21% dip in automotive industry ad spending across 10 key markets worldwide, making the sector one of the hardest hit by the current economic crisis.

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The NRF released a retailer perspective on the upcoming 2020 holiday shopping season. 54 retailers were surveyed to understand how they are approaching and planning a holiday season that will be affected by COVID-19. Virtually half of respondents (48%) expect consumers to start their holiday shopping in October this year. Our featured market this week is Burlington-Plattsburgh, VT-NY.

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TVB has culled information from all 50 states and the District of Columbia providing comprehensive data on the November 3rd elections. This includes mail-in voting and state requirements.

The Media Industry and COVID-19: What We've Learned from Working Remotely

“Through flexibility and creativity, broadcasters have demonstrated that remote work is not only possible, it also has positive, if unexpected, benefits that will continue well beyond the current situation. By developing the same kind of flexibility and creativity in their approach to remote work, NEXTers can thrive both now and into the future, as they move forward in their careers.”—Eric Mathewson, Founder & CEO, WideOrbit

TVB has put together an analysis on how and why local broadcast TV remains the go-to source for advertisers, and how both local and national advertisers can build on TV stations’ trusted relationships with local consumers.

As the country starts moving forward with a phased opening by state and by region, TVB will be providing a weekly update of the status of U.S. states. Updated weekly.

TVB analyzed TV viewership of March, April, May, June, July & August 2020, comparing them to the same time in 2019. Among key demos and news dayparts, there has been a strong increase in broadcast TV viewing.

An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.


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