Leadership during the Coronavirus

Advice on leadership, communication and action during the coronavirus outbreak. Critical resources for TVB members on advising advertisers available here.



Based on SpenceStuart’s research and interviews, they encourage leaders to take a step back, embrace authenticity and agility, and consider this crisis as not only a time for big goals and aligning with your organization’s purpose, but also as a time to embrace your own creative and tactical mechanisms to help your employees get to the core of what needs to be done.
While it may seem odd to think about employee retention during this crisis, there’s never been a more important time to focus on how you are supporting your employees—and the future of your business.
The coronavirus is rattling markets and whipping communities into a frenzy. In times like these, it’s important for leaders to stay cool under pressure, make the right decisions for all stakeholders, and then execute those decisions effectively.
Applying techniques we gain from others, coupled with our own inner resolve, will enable us to manage stress more effectively and, in turn, lead more capably and humanely.
Public relations and advertising professionals will play a key role in supporting consumers in the short-term, while also building long-term customer relationships that will last well beyond the present emergency.
If companies are to survive the coronavirus, corporate boards need to exercise collaborative, proactive leadership.
The crisis will past, of course, but our experience of it and our success in solving it depends on how we respond to it and manage the fear.
Most of us are not fully or formally in charge of a whole lot, but if we can make a difference, now is the time to step forward to do so, and to do so close to home
So, even if your workplace is mostly remote, it’s important to ensure that some sort of face-to-face communication happens.
In light of this global shift (and all of our heightened stress levels), it’s crucial to take steps to avoid miscommunication when working as part of a virtual team.
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