Leadership during the Coronavirus

Advice on leadership, communication and action during the coronavirus outbreak. Critical resources for TVB members on advising advertisers available here.



Be well, be safe, keep calm. And continue to support your brand.
If you take the time to truly listen to your team, putting your fears and frustrations to the side for a moment, you’ll find that they will tell you exactly what they need to be personally engaged and also meet your needs.
Focus on customers and employee safety first. Without those, the business will have a hard time recovering.
Being a leader is never easy, let alone during times of crisis. With the coronavirus pandemic, managers across the nation and world are reckoning with a new reality: leading their teams from afar.
During an agile transformation, customers move to the heart of the organization, and the “North Star” invariably centers around customer needs.
Effective leaders are “impact-multipliers,” who work through people, teams and organizations and rely on attributes such as self-awareness, empathy, humility, agility and resilience, even as some of the demands of leading virtually are different.
“In the immediate aftermath, agencies will also have an important role in helping marketers manage through economic challenges that will follow for many. This will often mean enhanced efforts to find increasingly efficient ways to steward budgets and engage with audiences, whose habits will undoubtedly change as a consequence of this period of time.” – Brian Wieser, CFA, Global President, Business Intelligence, GroupM
As the leader, be super intentional about keeping everyone informed, encouraging and creating opportunities for support and celebrating the wins along the way.
The most important lesson to learn from severe shocks like this pandemic is that they represent an opportunity to permanently shift the markets in which we operate.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, companies need a crisis response coordinated by top management that gives experts and managers the autonomy to implement creative, pragmatic solutions.
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