Leadership during the Coronavirus

Advice on leadership, communication and action during the coronavirus outbreak. Critical resources for TVB members on advising advertisers available here.



Just as an investor should have a plan and a well-designed portfolio built to anticipate unknowns, your company should, too.
The Knight-Cronkite News Lab has curated some of the most useful resources to help keep your teams safe and supported.
According to Comscore, concern over the spread of the coronavirus is driving more viewers to tune in their local newscasts.
TV stations and networks are already implementing “social distancing” both on camera and behind the scenes. Here’s a list of more specific suggestions to consider when implementing this type of plan at your station or workplace.
When the urgent part of the crisis has been navigated, companies should consider what this crisis changes and what they’ve learned so they can reflect them in their plans.
"We have developed tools and techniques that make our organization significantly more powerful than other companies our size. Productivity has always been the number one driver of the economy."- Shelly Palmer
By not tying work or collaboration to any particular physical location or synchronous moment, we democratize opportunity and open up a world of new possibilities.
One thing is certain: every manager will encounter a crisis at some point in their career and they need to be equipped with the skills necessary to handle it.
In order to lead during a crisis, you have to be able to spot a crisis before it impacts the project. Learn what the red flags are for schedule, budget, performance, scope, quality and governance risk are.
While there’s rarely a defined path through a crisis, there are some standard practices that can help you move past obstacles and keep your team engaged, amid even the most tumultuous environment.
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