NEXT Women Presents:
An Executive Coaching Session on Leadership
Adapting to Change in a Disrupted Business Environment

An interactive Zoom session
Tuesday April 14, 2020 | 1p-2p (ET)

Hosted by:
Abby Auerbach, EVP, Chief Communications Officer, TVB
Executive Coaches:
Winnie da Silva, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, Winnifred S. da Silva
Terry R. Yoffe, President, Certified Personal and Professional Development Coach, Business Coach, CPCC, PCC, TRY Coaching

Leading executive coaches address adapting to change during this disruptive time: Leadership, management, personal skills and strategies exclusively for NEXT Women.

Key topics include:

  • How to lead in stressful times
  • Coping with professional and personal challenges in times of disruption/.li>
  • How to create leadership opportunities during difficult times
  • Q&A throughout – we want to hear how you’re feeling, adapting, and doing

Your registration is generously underwritten by WideOrbit.

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