FAQ - Transitioning to Impressions

Are Impressions provided by Nielsen and Comscore?

Nielsen and Comscore have always provided Impressions. In fact, Nielsen sends Impressions to third party vendors. The vendors then calculate the ratings that appear in their systems based on the demographic TV universe.


How do stations create projections? Do we still estimate based on ratings? Will our systems automatically translate to (000’s)?

IPG has been buying on Impressions for four years now. Kathy Doyle from IPG responded:

“We have actually moved to using trends. So for us, we just look at trends in actual Impressions delivery - less Share x PUT. But, if we need to calculate Share x PUT, we would do it exactly the same way:

Calculate Share x PUT, but express the actual whole number for PUT, not a percentage. PUT is no longer in (000) and generating a rating.

For example, if we had 100 people in a demo/market and the program did a 12% share - we would project delivery of 12 impressions.”


Do we continue to submit ratings along with DMA Impressions?

If you are starting an entirely new buy after the date your company announced it will sell on Impressions exclusively, you will submit only Impressions.


What if an agency does not buy on Impressions? Do we continue to keep the status quo?

If an agency is just at the beginning of the transition, e.g. is testing with a few clients, we suggest giving them a reasonable time frame to allow for the transition to Impressions (though we suggest no later than 3rd quarter 2020.)

If they have not begun moving to Impressions, and/or have no idea of when they will, that is a business decision each individual station needs to make. However, if no cutoff date is given to those agencies, they will have no incentive to transition.


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