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The Democratic Governors Association announced a $20 million broadcast TV ad buy in Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and Wisconsin as part of the organization’s Unrig the Map initiative.
A major Democratic super PAC says it will book $43 million in early TV ads as the party looks to make big gains in the 2018 midterms and take back the House.​
Nothing has broadcasters more energized than the flood of political dollars expected to roll-in this year—according to political experts, fundraising is going gang-busters.
Facebook, Google and Twitter have introduced or are expected to be implementing new measures this year to guard against election interference and propaganda.
A top Democratic super PAC is launching a $250,000 television ad buy to boost Democratic candidate Conor Lamb ahead of next month's Pennsylvania special election.
Ad sellers—broadcasters and cable networks—are wading deeper into data pools so that they are helping advertisers and their agencies program-target their buys and avoid undervaluing their time.
With Facebook’s recent commitment to prioritize local news confirms local broadcast TV’s role in serving as a trusted news source.

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The Morning Consult study shows how advertising on local broadcast TV remains the most impactful way to talk to voters. TV drives political discussions and propels voters to learn more—and to act.
TVB’s guide to the 2018 senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial races.

Nielsen’s Q2 2017 Total Audience Report confirms Americans’ significant and consistent preference for television over all other media.

TVB’s on-air political advocacy campaign communicates the benefits of political advertising on local broadcast television.
Bloomberg News Video: Jordan Wertlieb, president at Hearst Television, discusses the importance of political advertising to local television stations.
While 83% of all political conversations happen face-to-face, television plays a key role in influencing what people are saying.
Studies from Gfk and Keller Fay show that no other platform has more reach—or is more trusted by Independent voters—than local broadcast television.
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