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Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, wasn’t even on the New Hampshire ballot, but he still outpaced Senator Sanders, whose campaign poured $5.3 million into broadcast TV and cable ads for the New Hampshire primary.
According to a political ad forecast issued by eMarketer, political ad spending during the 2020 campaign cycle will approach $7 billion, accounting for 1.4% of all media ad revenues.
Following poor showings in Iowa, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are shifting ad spending in early voting states.
Presidential campaigns recognize the connection WMUR’s journalists have with the viewers and gravitate to them in order to reach New Hampshire voters, who savor their role in the candidate selection process.
Mike Bloomberg authorized his advisers to double TV spending on his campaign. The increase represents a massive escalation of what is already the most costly campaign for the Democratic nomination in U.S. history.
There will be a total of $6 billion spent on political advertising in the 2019-2020 election cycle, and $4.4 billion of it will go to traditional media like broadcast television and cable.
A new Pew survey finds that despite Americans’ level of familiarity with social media sites, both Democrats and Republicans register far more distrust than trust of social media sites as sources for political and election news.

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