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The Word of Mouth analysis from Engagement Labs shows marked gains for Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Yang, and Klobuchar.
One of the leading Democratic super PACs, Priorities USA, will spend $50 million more than previously announced against President Trump before the Democratic National Convention, with plans to make nearly $30 million in TV ad reservations in the coming days.
Democrats are bracing for the possibility that the primary season could last a long time, stretching to the states that scheduled their contests well after Super Tuesday — where Mike Bloomberg awaits.
Since the Impeachment Inquiry began, issue groups have been targeting Congressional seats with a high amount of spending. House Majority Forward and American Action Network are responsible for the entirety of the spending in these hotly contested races.
Hours after The New York Times reported Mr. Bloomberg’s plans, President Trump’s re-election campaign said that it, too, had reserved 60 seconds’ worth of advertising during the game for roughly $10 million.
Michael Bloomberg spent $155.3 million nationally on political ads in 2019- $136.8 million worth of broadcast TV time and $7.7 million on cable, according to data from Advertising Analytics.
Bernie Sanders told supporters that his campaign has more donors than Donald Trump’s, and predicted he would raise more than $1 billion if he’s the Democratic nominee to challenge the president’s re-election this year.

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