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Advertising in today’s complex media world is a challenge as media continue to evolve. Media consumption habits are constantly changing, but broadcast television remains the leader in reaching audiences.

Source: GfK TVB Media Comparisons Study 2020. M-S 5A-1A. Persons 18+. Online/internet platforms such as email, social media, internet radio and websites, are totaled for any online device-PC, Smartphone and Tablets. Broadcast TV News Websites/Apps includes local TV station & network websites/apps for news/weather/sports. [Download]

Source: Nielsen, NPOWER, 9/24/18-5/22/19; Ranked by A25-54 L+1 US AA % (ties broken by 000’s) [Download]

Source: Feb 2020 Nielsen; Most Current, Live+1. ComScore, People 18+, Data Source: VMX Multi-Platform, 165,076,000 Unduplicated Viewers (YouTube number excludes all Broadcast TV content).[Download]

Source: Feb 2020 Nielsen; Live+1. Comscore, People 18+, Data Source: VMX Desktop, 59,506,000 Unduplicated Viewers.[Download]

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