National Media

Spot Television strengthens any national advertising plan. It delivers efficiently, with market selectivity against high-potential customers and none of the wasted coverage. Network television is not consistent in audience delivery, with programs performing at vastly different levels by region.

Smart geo-targeting with Spot Television ramps up the results of network buys. It is important to remember that local television stations connect with local customers – with 78% of Americans getting their news from a local TV station on a given day.

Key facts to consider in planning media buys:

  1. National media gets planned top down . . . But people consume media from the bottom up. National planning tools can miss these local opportunities.
  2. Television consumption, like other media and product consumption, is not uniform. It varies widely from market to market.
  3. National media creates waste in over-covered areas and lost opportunity in under-covered areas.
  4. Network cable’s low national ratings become non-competitive when compared to local broadcast at the DMA level.
  5. Local broadcast can improve the ROI of virtually every national plan through the power of consumer aggregation and attendant advertising impact.


Local Spot is not only competitive from a cost standpoint, it’s often more efficient than National scatter costs.

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