Local broadcast television can maximize the impact of any print campaign by driving more consumers, through multiple touch-points and platforms, to the point of making a purchase decision. And, television adds the power of broad reach as well as the ability to target niche audiences.

Key facts to consider when planning newspaper buys:

  • Newspaper is most effective in the Purchase phase of the consumer purchase cycle. Consumers must go through the Awareness and Consideration phases before they are ready to make a purchase. Television is the most effective ad medium in the Awareness and Consideration phase, and drives consumers toward that purchase decision. 

  • Newspaper circulation has suffered substantial declines while television viewing continues to grow. Broadcast has the ability to reach 100% of all TV households in a market. Newspaper circulation can be a fraction of the number of TV Homes in a given market.

  • TV Stations offer highly-targeted online opportunities, including online Classifieds. Advertisers can target niche online content with the same strategy as ads placed in newspaper sections, with the added power of on-air ads driving traffic to the site.

  • Broadcast digital sub-channels offer additional opportunity for custom programming and sponsorships to help drive customer traffic. 


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