Nielsen Local Watch Report

Stay-At-Home and Working Moms

Mothers are at the epicenter of the family circle and are always ahead of the game, thinking of what comes next. They are often balancing motherhood, work and most importantly, life. But what does this look like across the country’s many local communities, and how are stay-at-home and working moms adapting to technology and using media?

According to our national TV panel, there are 25.1 million females aged 18-49 living in their own home who have children under the age of 12. This is the definition of moms used throughout the report. It’s no secret that media choices vary by region. It’s no different with mothers, and Nielsen’s comprehensive information on our panelists allows us to divide them into working moms and stay-at-home moms.

This issue of Nielsen’s Local Watch Report presents insights on these often distinct segments, highlighting mothers’ regional characteristics and television usage at the local market level in order to help marketers uncover unknown opportunities.

Nielsen Local Watch Report – Q3 2016

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