2019 Media Comparisons Study

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The 2019 Media Comparisons Study, conducted by GfK, is a key industry resource for multi-media usage and effectiveness. The study looks at how individuals consume ad-supported media – both traditional and digital. It explores reach, time spent, and the role each medium plays in motivating consumers to learn more about a product or service - and what ultimately affects their purchase decisions.

The study additionally looks at where people get their daily news from and which sources they feel are most trustworthy.

Source: GfK TVB Media Comparisons Study 2019. Respondents were given 50 choices of Broadcast and Cable Networks with an option to write in a network.

Some key findings:

  • If respondents could only choose five TV networks, the top four would be on broadcast TV.
  • TV delivers the highest reach.
  • All demographics, including adults 18-34, spend more time with TV each day than they do with any other media.
  • For all demographics and categories, TV ads are the most influential medium in purchase decisions.
  • Local broadcast TV news is the most trusted news source, over every other source.

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