Retail Purchase Funnel 2018

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During the 2017 holiday season, TVB set out to identify the importance of advertising media in general, and looked at the individual ad platforms that influenced consumers during their retail purchase decision process. Over 20 platforms, both traditional and digital, were studied across multiple segments for brick and mortar stores, as well as the online side of retail.

Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2018 Retail Category (% most important media type among those who saw/heard ads in at least 1 media)

Some key findings:

  • Regardless of how consumers shopped this holiday season, either in-store, online, or some combination of the two, TV was the most important influencer throughout the purchase decision process.
  • Half of the respondents were exposed to 6 or more media sources, higher than other categories previously studied. The percentage increases with the younger audiences.
  • Broadcast TV is the primary source of news, and local TV news assets are highly trusted among the media platforms.
  • After TV, digital platforms are important in this category. The survey results highlighted TV’s strength to complement digital and drive traffic online, as well as influence search selections.

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