Holiday Shopping 2017

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Holiday shopping continues to be the biggest shopping event of the year - 2017 holiday sales are expected to increase 4% over last year according to the National Retail Federation. Television continues to be the most used media and have the highest influence on shoppers over all other media platforms. According to TVB’s 2017 Holiday Shopping analysis, retailers can drive increased holiday consumer spending by using local broadcast TV to target shoppers based on geography, demographics and retail categories.

According to TVB’s analysis, some major 2017 holiday insights are:

  • Holiday sales are expected to increase 4% to $680.4 Billion in 2017, up from $655.8 Billion in 2016.
  • Overall Price is the biggest factor to influence consumers’ decision making (46%), followed by Brand Quality (16%).
  • Consumer spending online is expected to increase 12% to $129 billion in 2017, up from $115 billion in 2016
  • Television and the internet often complement each other and broadcast TV can work together with broadcast websites to increase reach.
  • Broadcast television delivers top ratings & reach during key holiday shopping periods.
  • It’s important to target key holiday retailers based on geographic hot zones and capitalize on a market’s uniqueness.
  • Local TV stations offer multi-platform opportunities and deliver internet shoppers.
  • Broadcast TV delivers key holiday shoppers & categories.

Holiday Sales Expected to Increase by 4%

Source: NRF 2016 Holiday Shopping Trends Survey, Oct. 2017

Holiday Shoppers Not Afraid to Spend

Source: CPCStrategy: The 2017 U.S. Holiday Shopping Forecast

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