In Washington, D.C., Local Television Was the Preferred Choice for News about Stanley Cup Champions Washington Capitals

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2018 marked only the second time the Washington Capitals made the Stanley Cup Finals, the first time was in 1998 when they lost to the Detroit Red Wings four games to none. This time around, they faced the Vegas Golden Knights, a team new to the league who were popular not only in their home market, but also across the country.

After losing the first game, the Washington Capitals came back and defeated the Vegas Golden Knights four games to one to become the 2018 Stanley Cup champions.

TVB, enlisting the help of Research Now, set out to discover which media exuberant fans in Washington, D.C. used for coverage of the victory, and to find out where they were getting information on the upcoming victory parade.

A short online survey, taken by just over 500 Washington, D.C. adults over the age of 18 who had seen or heard any coverage of the celebration on any media, was taken between 6 p.m. Friday night, 6/8/18 and Sunday 6/10/18. Among the highlights:

  • 84% of respondents used local TV news for information on the Washington Capitals’ victory celebration
  • Within the 24 hours of the Capitals win, respondents spent more time with coverage on local television than any other source - more than national broadcast, cable TV news and social media.
  • More than twice as many people chose local TV for information on the victory celebration than they did national broadcast and cable news.
  • When asked where respondents plan to watch, listen to, or read about any part of the Washington Capitals’ victory parade, the overwhelming number one choice was local broadcast television.
  • The top reasons cited for watching local TV news and using local TV news websites and apps during the celebration were that they wanted local Washington, D.C. news and insights, they trusted information from local anchors and they could access the celebration information whenever they wanted to.

Source: Research Now Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Victory Celebration. 6/8/18-6/10/18 Adults 18+.

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