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Who was SpotOn! created for?

TVB’s SpotOn! was developed with agencies and advertisers in mind, to provide “one-stop shopping” for why and how local TV can build their business.

Why should I register for SpotOn!?

SpotOn! has unique planning tools and “plug and play” PowerPoint presentations to answer important questions, such as:

  • What percent of a brand’s advertising dollars should be allocated nationally? What percent locally?
  • Is my national television schedule under delivering in key markets?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of individual advertising platforms?
  • What multi-platform opportunities are available in local TV?
  • Why is geographic targeting important to major categories?
  • Why should an advertiser consider local TV news?

How do I register?

SpotOn! is a free service open to select advertisers and agencies approved by TVB. If you haven’t already registered, we encourage you to register now. Please allow up to two business days for TVB to review your request and respond.


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