For Diversity in Advertising to Stick, It Must Be Considered in More Places

There is every reason for advertisers to lean into their DEI goals and prioritize fair representation. While including multicultural and diverse talent in ad creatives is extremely important, it’s only one of many steps that advertisers should take to ensure that they are actually reaching diverse audiences effectively.

Survey Explores Media Habits of Black American Gen Zers

A new study and survey from Horowitz found that three in four (73%) Black Gen Zers watch TV content at least weekly. Black Gen Zers are more likely to watch on an actual TV set than any other screen. In fact, nearly 7 in 10 Black Gen Zers have a TV set in their bedroom, over-indexing compared to Gen Zers overall.

Gray Television Launches InvestigateTV+ en Español

“An essential part of Gray’s mission is investigative journalism, and it is our goal for everyone to see it. Whether a viewer speaks Spanish or English, we want to give viewers the opportunity to see, learn, and react from these stories,” said Lee Zurik, vice president of investigations.

Embracing Diversity: The Integral Role of Hispanic Heritage

As the fabric of American culture becomes increasingly diverse, the inclusion of Hispanic perspectives in media is a strategic imperative. Despite their significant presence in the population, Hispanics remain underrepresented in mainstream media. This gap represents not just a cultural oversight but a missed economic opportunity.