Ford, Tesla Announce Historic Agreement

The top executives from Ford Motor Co. and Tesla announced a historic agreement that will allow Ford customers to use 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across the U.S. and Canada.

DeSantis’ Disastrous Twitter Launch Proves Traditional TV Ain’t Dead Yet

Pundits have warned of the death of “traditional TV” (aka cable, broadcast and satellite) for years. And yet, when it comes to live, nothing beats broadcast, as was proven by a disastrous Twitter experience when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tried to break with tradition and announce his candidacy for President.

NCAA: Young Adults Keen on Sports Betting

The NCAA, as it continues to adjust to the evolving sports gambling landscape in the U.S., released survey results yesterday that indicate betting is prevalent among young adults, especially on college campuses and within minority communities.

Sook: CW To Change Virtual MVPD Rights Model

Nexstar CEO Perry Sook: “We, as the owner of The CW, are constructing a new affiliation agreement template that is going to allow affiliates to opt out of The CW deal with the virtual MVPD and cut their own deal.

Gray Expands the Roles of Matt Jaquint and Mike King

Gray’s Chief Operating Officer Sandy Breland said, “Matt and Mike have proven records of success. The company will benefit from their expanded roles as we leverage their areas of expertise to help guide our local teams to greater success serving local audiences and businesses.”

Tanya Black Named WJZ Baltimore VP-News Director

Tanya Black, longtime news executive at CBS Stations-owned WJZ Baltimore, was named vice president and news director, overseeing news at the station, the CBS News Baltimore streaming channel and

Shoppers Take Frugal Turn as Inflation Persists

“A consumer slowdown is underway,” said Neil Saunders, managing director of analytics company GlobalData. “Growth is a lot more sluggish than it has been for quite some time. Retailers are reporting stark changes in consumer behavior.”

Tegna: Standard General Deal Has Been Terminated

After more than a year of trying to get the deal done, Tegna’s merger agreement with Standard General has been terminated. As of May 22, the deadline for Standard General’s financing of the deal has passed. Tegna is eligible to collect a $136 million breakup fee.