Key Political TV Advertising States: Don’t Mean a Thing Without That Swing 

Overall local TV will continue to get a big piece as voters still turn to live, linear TV news networks and stations during big political election seasons. Industry estimates say linear TV political ad spending will still account for a great deal of spending. eMarketer says 57% ($7.06 billion) of all political ad spending ($12 billion) will go to linear TV.

Democrats Spending Heavily In NC

In the battle for the airwaves, Democrats are outspending Republicans by a margin of nearly 4 to 1, according to data from AdImpact. The first says that as of June 7, Democratic groups had spent more than $4 million statewide vs. about $1 million from Republicans.

Political Advertisers Promoted Polarization. Now We Need To Help Fix It.

The biggest advertising story of our generation is the transition from broadcast to audience targeting. We’ve all experienced misinformation-driven polarization take hold among peers. It is a wake-up call to acknowledge that audience targeting and online information campaigns have had some gnarly byproducts.

All Political Advertising Is Local

According to local media forecasters BIA Advisory Services, local is still very much where the action is for political advertising – with linear broadcast TV alone projected to command a nearly $5 billion windfall before 2024 is done and dusted.

Rates up for Political Ads

This year is shaping up to be a “historically expensive” election, according to AdImpact. The political ad tracking firm says candidates have already placed $540.9 million in future ad reservations

Biden Goes Local in Effort To Get around National Media 

President Biden is seeking to find ways to lure swing state voters without just relying on the national media. And increasingly, he’s going local. During recent stops in key states including Wisconsin and North Carolina, the Biden campaign has made it a point to spend time with local outlets.

Political Winds Could Reap a Windfall for Stations

Steve Lanzano, president and CEO of the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB), the broadcast industry trade association, projected political campaigns would deliver a $10.2 billion infusion into the media economy, more than 10% higher than the last presidential cycle.

NAB Launches 2024 Election Toolkit for Broadcasters  

The 2024 Election Toolkit assets help broadcasters serve their communities in the lead-up to Election Day on November 5. The toolkit includes information on identifying false statements online, examples of broadcasters’ work combating misinformation, voter registration resources and guides for finding local polling places.

Political Ad Spending Pace Trails 2020 

In the past two weeks, $109.1 million in political ads have been tracked. AdImpact says it continues to see strong spending in the competitive U.S. Senate races where local broadcasters typically pull in more ad dollars.

Polarization, Not Presidential, Drives Political Revenue In ’24 

While Biden and Trump are pulling all the focus, presidential campaigns aren’t driving most spending on TV stations this election year. Instead, down-ballot Senate, House, gubernatorial and other campaigns, and issues such as immigration and abortion are what will be bringing in the bucks.

Biden Campaign Launches $30M Ad Onslaught

Senior Biden campaign officials rolled out a $30 million TV and digital ad buy as part of an aggressive attempt to capitalize on the momentum from the State of the Union address.