TVB Again Criticizes ‘Misleading’ Aspects of Nielsen’s Gauge Report

Nielsen published the May edition of the report. TVB is again highlighting that by not delineating ad-supported from non-ad-supported viewing, Nielsen’s analysis continues to misguide media buyers and advertisers.” TVB said it is doubling down on its request for the Gauge Report to answer this essential question for marketers: Where do consumers see advertisers’ commercials?

TVB Study Shines A Light On Local TV Station Online Hubs

Local TV stations have spent decades carefully developing their brands which are built on the locality and relevance of their news content. But how do users of local broadcast TV news and local broadcast station websites/apps really feel about them? To get the best answer, TVB fielded a 3,000+-respondent survey conducted by Dynata designed to provide a better understanding of just how U.S. consumers feel about local broadcast television news and their consumption habits.