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Making room for more ambitious shows from voices that have rarely gotten the chance has only made TV better.

As more and more viewers begin to rely on streaming, but are unwilling to cut out live and broadcast TV completely, they are turning back to antennas.

After the market test turned up no fatal flaws, the FCC is now ready to begin allowing stations to start applying for licenses to use ATSC 3.0
Facebook said it stopped paying commissions to employees who sell political ads, as the tech giant overhauls how it engages with campaigns ahead of elections in 2020.
When disaster strikes, the public relies upon their local TV and radio stations to stay informed, find resources, and keep safe.
TVNewsCheck named Nexstar Media Group as its Station Group of the Year for 2019, recognizing its ascendancy to the top of broadcasting charts by nearly all measures.
A year after a vital Supreme Court ruling, sports betting is likely to have a wide-ranging impact on the media. When and how much that will be is still anybody’s bet.
The Back-to-School season is the second biggest consumer spending event of the year; shoppers spend more than on Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day combined.
A survey of U.S. consumers found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile and 83% watch with sound off, according to a new report from Verizon Media and ad buyer Publicis Media .
The ASA received 16,059 complaints relating to 14,257 online ads last year, with grievances up 41% on 2017’s figures. Complaints about TV ads clocked in at 10,773 and related to 5748 different pieces of creative.

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The Big Bang Theory finale nationally delivered a 12.6 live+1 hh rating, with a 26.2 in Dayton, a 23.3 in Pittsburgh, and a 22.1 in Louisville. Our featured market this week is San Antonio, TX.

See what night and where your returning, and soon-to-be new favorites, are airing this Fall. Download the handy primetime grid, and check out trailers for the new shows.

An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.

Duration Weighting In Video Ad Measurement: Time Matters

“If we believe in the notion that advertising viewed, heard and experienced by audiences can cause people to change or affirm future buying behaviors, then we also have to assume that the opportunity for audiences to actually experience that advertising–including how long the ads were or could have been viewed–really matters.” — Dave Morgan, CEO, founder, Simulmedia

“As we saw last week in the upfront presentations, the broadcast networks are far from done. They showed they are still major players, still the favorite of the big mass advertisers - the people who throw around billions.”—Harry Jessell, editor, TVNewsCheck

How important are content and playout integration in ad management?

The 2019 Media Comparisons Study, conducted by GfK, is a key industry resource for multi-media usage and effectiveness.

Get connected to jobs in the local broadcast TV industry.


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