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While “the death of TV” makes for a great headline, the reality is that the medium isn’t going anywhere. For advertisers, TV provides a guaranteed audience, along with content protection and, more recently, real-time measurement, targeting and optimization.
Google said its computers will soon stop reading the emails of its Gmail users to personalize their ads, a move that addresses a longstanding privacy concern about a product that is central to its growing corporate-services business.
Facebook is reportedly looking to extend its tentacles into Hollywood Boulevard by championing a new wave of scripted TV programming aimed at 13 to 34-year-olds by late summer.
S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Kagan unit says homes with nontraditional TV packages are estimated to grow to around 44 million in four years. Kagan says 15.3 million will come from homes using an antenna -- digital, analog or other -- to get broadcast TV.
The Honda Dealer Association greatly accelerated its activity at broadcast TV for the seven-day period ending June 25, based on the latest Media Monitors TV Spot Ten report.
The industry is taking its time weighing the positives of automated advertising, and local TV has to fully buy into the form. That will require finding a way to leverage local media’s key advantage — relationship building — while recognizing the benefits of technology (read: data), according to a panel of industry insiders.
More than a quarter of US internet users will block ads this year, eMarketer estimates, up from just under 16% in 2014. Just under nine in 10 ad blocking users block ads via desktop or laptop. By the end of this year, more than a third of US ad blockers will block on their smartphone.
If this isn’t proof that digital isn’t the answer for local businesses, then you shouldn’t be a broadcast media sales executive.
Borrell Associates forecasts local advertisers will spend 5.4% more on promotions this year and then add another 3.9% to their spending in 2018. “I know that sounds modest but in light of some traditional media which are going in the opposite direction this is good news,” Borrell VP Corey Elliott said during a webinar this week.

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The 2017 U.S. Open Championship was held at Erin Hills and was the first U.S. Open in Wisconsin. Sunday’s telecast on Fox nationally delivered a 3.1 household rating, with a 10.3 in Milwaukee. Our featured market this week is Richmond-Petersburg, VA.

Nielsen’s Q4 2016 Total Audience Report confirms Americans’ significant & consistent preference for television over all other media.

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“Broadcast TV defies gravity. There’s so much talk about targeting and hypertargeting, yet broadcast TV remains mass. That’s probably why it remains so popular. Its niche is mass—and it probably reaches more niches in that mass than anyone else can.” —Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates

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