Feature Commentary: How TV Sellers Can Help Clients Navigate Advertising in Uncertain Times

Feature Commentary: How TV Sellers Can Help Clients Navigate Advertising in Uncertain Times

By: Elizabeth Bernberg, Sr. Director of Business Development, AdCellerant

Although we are only halfway through the year, we have seen clear signs of slowing economic growth: the S&P 500 officially entered a “bear market” in June, GDP shrunk by an annual rate of 1.6 percent in the first quarter, and the Federal Reserve announced a 0.75 percent increase in interest rates – we can’t ignore the facts.

Staying cool, calm, and collected

It’s natural for businesses to make cutbacks during challenging financial periods. However, this is the time to talk to your advertising clients and help them evaluate their marketing and advertising strategies to keep their brand top-of-mind with target consumers through empathetic, relatable material.

The brands that make cutbacks and slash marketing and advertising budgets are the ones who see a significant loss once the economy returns to normal.

How AdCellerant has helped partners navigate uncertainty

In 2020 our team worked closely with media partners to address these concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. As our business navigated the uncertainty, we knew it was essential to quickly shift our strategy to help create successful plans for partners and help small businesses generate revenue to keep thriving during a global pandemic. This proactive work resulted in boosted digital revenue for clients in partnership with TV stations to supplement traditional losses and is a primary reason AdCellerant was named Business Intelligence Group’s Account Management Team of the year for the 2020 Excellence in Customer Service Award.

Resources for advertisers and marketers in challenging times

Planning and strategizing are two of the most important things clients can do to maintain and grow their businesses during challenging times. The following resources will enable you to assist them in making the best decisions for their business.



We’re better together

Digital marketing in uncertain times can be confusing and intimidating. With our team you’ll have access to digital experts who provide dedicated support and on-the-go training at every step for TV station partners. Reach out to your Account Manager to brainstorm ideas for campaigns or if you have any questions.

About AdCellerant

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