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2019 NEXT Honorees

TVB’s NEXT program, underwritten by WideOrbit, gives the next generation of media leaders access to today’s thought leaders, insights into industry innovation, a leg up on career advancement and a voice in the bigger discussion.

Media Buying Winner
Honoree Danielle Marble, Senior Video Investor
Organization   Horizon Media
“Moving from ratings to impressions-based buying will help remove some department silos within agencies. Purchasing all media on impressions helps agencies and clients to see the bigger picture and provides the opportunity to target consumers beyond traditional demographics.”

Media Selling Winner
Honoree Josie Flesher, Senior Account Sales and Digital Specialist
Organization  Graham Media, KSAT
“Automation will shift attention to higher-value selling, marketing and advertising functions and will continue to drive industry growth through relevant and effective advertising that enhances consumer experiences.”

Media Planning Winner
Honoree Matthew Barbato, Associate Media Director
Organization  Zenith
Stations from coast-to-coast offer airtime for food drives, sponsor marathon runs, and spur multi-million dollar relief efforts when disaster strikes. As advertisers, we are committed to deliver our brand’s message to local consumers. What better way to do so than with local TV.