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SkillUp: Professional Tools

SkillUp: Executive Presence

Developing a positive professional presence is essential for fostering relationship-building that could lead to opportunities, collaboration, and advancement.

Executive presence is the demonstration of respect, confidence, integrity, and empathy in accordance with professional standards, guidelines, and ethical codes.

You can cultivate executive presence by skill-building in 4 main areas:

1. Gravitas

  • Show grace under fire: The ability to handle adversity, navigate crises smoothly and rebound quickly after admitting mistakes.
  • Be decisive: Know and communicate what you want without being authoritarian or aggressive; enhance negotiation skills.
  • Speak your truth: Be aware of your views and values and communicate them in your work and to others; give honest and constructive feedback.
  • Be authentic: Your personal brand should align with your personality and values.

2. Emotional Intelligence

  • Build your EQ: Emotional intelligence is understanding and managing your emotions and recognizing the emotions of others.
  • Increase self-awareness: Understand your strengths, weaknesses, and emotions and how you react in stressful situations. Shift from being reactive to responsive (take time to prepare for an intentional response).
  • Be socially aware: Read the room and recognize the dynamics and emotions present. Strive to understand your colleagues’ feelings and practice empathy. This builds the foundation for good communication skills.
  • Manage relationships: Notice how you influence, coach, and mentor others as well as your conflict resolution skills.

3. Communication

  • Speak with conviction: We’re drawn to great orators. Speak clearly with passion and ease. How we speak is often seen as more persuasive than what we’re actually saying.
  • Command the room: Practice great storytelling with anecdotes, small talk, and humor.

4. Appearance

  • Body language: Make direct eye contact, face your audience, keep your body positioning open and relaxed. Being comfortable in your own skin will translate into your non-verbal cues.

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