Monetize with Sponsorship

Monetize with Sponsorship

Monetize with Sponsorship | 2023

Sponsor your Project Roadblock schedule with a local advertiser to align their brand with the iconic “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” message and save lives this holiday season. Sponsorship requests can be submitted here.

Ad Council sponsorable assets

:30s, :15s, :10s, 300×250 and 728×90 static banners are available for sponsorship in English and Spanish.

Sponsored TV Spot form submission deadline
  • December 21
Sponsored banner form submission deadlines
  • October 13th (fulfilled by 10/31)
  • November 15th (fulfilled by 11/30)
  • December 8th (fulfilled by 12/15)
  • December 15th (fulfilled by 12/21)
Sponsorship submitted request fulfillment

All TV and banner sponsorship requests submitted will be fulfilled by 12/21. Please contact Brittany Bloom, and Milan Genovese, if you have any questions on an already submitted request. Thank you for your interest in Project Roadblock!