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Sports Betting Study 2021

To gain insight into one of the hottest growth categories for local broadcast TV, sports betting, TVB fielded a survey in states where online sports betting and casino sports betting are legal. Questions included: What advertising media were important for creating awareness of sports betting options, either online or at a casino? Which media were important in helping bettors consider their sports betting options? And ultimately, which media drove bettors to place their bets? The study also examined sports betting demographics.

Some key findings:

  • Sports bettors skew male and younger, with the exception of casino only bettors.
  • Exposure to a media platform is not a guarantee of importance, with the exception of TV.
  • Television is the most important influencer for awareness, consideration of sports betting options, and placing a sports bet.
  • TV motivates betting enthusiasts into action, including going online, doing research, discussing with others and recalling the ad.
  • TV ads influenced 96% of respondents who perform online searches.
  • Broadcast TV was the most trusted platform for sports betting website, app and casino ads, while broadcast websites and apps were the most trusted digital source.
  • Sports bettors in general plan to increase their amount of betting in the next 12 months.

TVB CEO Talks Convergence of Media and Gaming

Frank Fantini, CEO, Fantini Research talks with Steve Lanzano, CEO of TVB, about the growing relationship between media and the impact of sports betting as it proliferates.

Some key slides from study:

Source: Heart+Mind Strategies TVB Sports Betting Study 2021; [QA1, QA2, QA3] Thinking about the ads you saw/heard for sports betting online or at a casino, which advertising media was most important in making you aware/consider/place a bet of the sports betting options, either online or at a casino? 3% & 2% shown, not labelled. 1% & 0% not shown. N=1000.
Source: Heart+Mind Strategies TVB Sports Betting Study 2021; [Q6] For each source, please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statement: I am more assured that a sports betting website, app, or casino is trustworthy if I see/hear its advertising on this media source N = 1,000 (Agree = Agree strongly + Agree somewhat) Broadcast = National + local

For more information, please contact Hadassa Gerber, Chief Research Officer, TVB