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Online Purchase Funnel Study

The Impact of Advertising on Purchase Behavior

The 2021 Online Purchase Funnel acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic drove more consumers to online transactions than at any other time previously.  Consumers are purchasing online or considering online purchases across a variety of major product categories such as: Automotive, banking services, furniture, medical, and fast food/QSR.   This analysis is focused on the online consumer and the major role TV plays in creating awareness and driving them to make purchases.

Media Platforms Analyzed

Some key findings:

  • Television is the key driver of awareness and purchasing for online consumers in many key product categories.
  • Compared with general product category consumers, online consumers are even more influenced by television.
  • Broadcast TV news and broadcast TV news websites & apps are the most trusted source of news among online consumers.
  • Increased exposure to TV ads motivates online consumers into action, driving word-of-mouth, ad recall, online traffic to websites, social media interaction, and online searches for discounts.
  • Television influences the search selections of online consumers even more than consumers in general.
Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2021 A18+: Auto. CI-5: Given COVID-19, which of the following best describes your current perspective on future purchases?
Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2021 Automotive Category A18+; CI-5 I am open to doing the full vehicle purchase online. QA4 Most important for media with at least 1 funnel stage at 2%+ shown; 2%, 1%, & 0% not shown/labeled

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