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Broadcast TV is Key to Post-COVID Reopening

After more than a year spent in a COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Americans are getting vaccinated and businesses are beginning to reopen at full capacity. Television advertising was important during the pandemic and it is also key to driving sales post pandemic. TVB has put together an analysis on how and why local broadcast television remains the go-to source for advertisers post-COVID 19 and how both local and national advertisers can build on TV stations’ trusted relationships with local consumers.

Among the highlights:

  • While not pre-pandemic levels, Americans are getting back to their lives.
  • Most people are eager to resume everyday activities within 3 months of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.
  • Consumers plan to go on vacations, go to restaurants, concerts and sporting events now that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Retail and restaurants never fully stopped advertising during the pandemic.
  • TV is imperative for advertisers to reach these consumers.
    • Television influences consumers most & TV ads influence search selections.
    • Advertisers can reach shoppers best through TV’s high reach and targeted ratings.
    • Broadcast TV assets can reach those who stream programming on ad-free platforms.
    • Broadcast TV news is the primary and most trusted news source, over every other media platform.
    • Advertisers can drive purchases by using local broadcast TV to target based on their geographic location & needs.
Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report March 2021. Top 2 Boxes: Very eager/somewhat eager.
Source: IBM-An Injection of Hope: Life after the COVID-19 vaccine.
Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2021 A18+ those who saw/heard ads in at least 1 media source; Most important media type among those who saw/heard ads in at least 1 media source at 2%+ shown; 2%, 1%, & 0% not shown/labeled.

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