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Holiday Shopping Analysis

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 holiday shopping season was unlike any other; holiday shopping plans were altered and less people celebrated the holidays. However, 2021 should be an improvement, with both the NRF and Deloitte projecting holiday shopping increases of 7-11% from 2020, and with 6 out of 10 consumers planning on celebrating the holidays more than they did last year. Additionally, 80% of consumers said they plan on shopping both in-person at retail stores and online this year.

TVB’s 2021 holiday analysis demonstrates the power of local broadcast television during these unprecedented times. Whether consumers will be shopping online or in stores this holiday season, retailers can drive purchases by using local broadcast TV to target all shoppers based on their geographic location and needs.

Some major 2021 holiday season insights are:

  • According to both the NRF and Deloitte, 2021 holiday retail sales are expected to increase anywhere from 7-11% from 2020, while e-commerce sales are expected to increase 11-15%.
  • 76% of shoppers expect their holiday spending to increase or stay the same as 2020.
  • The majority of consumers plan to start holiday shopping in October or November.
  • Broadcast TV delivers top holiday ratings and reach.
  • 80% of holiday shoppers plan to do a combination of online and in-store shopping, with nearly 40% planning to do both equally.
  • For both online and in-store shoppers, TV ads are important.
    • TV ads are the top advertising medium for purchase influence and most important in the awareness stage for both types of shoppers.
    • Broadcast TV assets can reach online and in-store shoppers who stream programming on ad-free platforms.

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QA4 “Thinking about the ads you saw/heard for the categories, which advertising media made you most aware of the category?”

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