Staab Named Chairman, NBCUniversal Local

She becomes the first chairman for NBCUniversal Local, a division that includes more than 50 local businesses and is home to the largest bilingual TV newsrooms in the country’s top TV markets.

Conquering the ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Have you just been promoted, or likely to be soon? You might be surprised to suddenly feel like you’re not capable of handling the move. But a very specific set of steps can relieve the feeling that you’re faking it when you step into a higher position.

Nielsen: On Screen Diversity in TV Shows Increases

A new study of diversity in TV programming across cable, broadcast, and streaming platforms by Nielsen has found that on-screen representation has hit record levels but that many viewers still complain about the way they are represented in TV programming.

Achieving Gender Balance at All Levels of Your Company

It’s common for organizations to have gender parity or close to it in entry-level roles, only to see the percentage of women employees decrease as you get closer to the top. The gender proportionality principle is addressing this challenge.

Tracking Your Accomplishments

The importance of tracking your success, why to make it a priority and how to raise your visibility so you make more of your accomplishments known.

In Ad World, Diversity And Inclusion Have A Long Way To Go

The World Federation of Advertisers and Kantar shared results of their joint project, “The Global Diversity and Inclusion Index.” There is much improvement needed. But the good news is that, relatively speaking, the marketing and advertising industry is not doing as badly as other industries.

The Local Newsroom Recruitment Crisis, Part 2

Local TV stations showed during the pandemic that they are capable of transformative innovation at speed and at scale. Addressing this crisis will require similar patience, adaptability, determination, and ingenuity.