Benefits For Sellers

Benefits For Sellers

What is the TIP initiative?

The Television Interface Practices initiative (TIP) was created by local TV broadcasters. This collaboration has developed standards for the exchange of information between local media buyers and sellers to streamline their day-to-day transaction of media. 

TIP is not a system or tool that buyers and sellers use directly, but rather a set of technical designs describing how electronic messages (Proposals, Orders, Makegoods, Logtimes, etc.) should be communicated between systems. 

The broadcasters created TIP as an industry-wide and open collaboration across the ecosystem. TIP includes virtually all broadcasters, agencies, and system vendors to identify how the process of transacting local broadcast media can be improved. 

Why is the industry driving TIP?

TIP’s goal is to grow the share of ad spend going to local broadcast TV stations by streamlining the transaction experience with automation, namely: 

  • Increase communication speed in transactions and reduced administration tasks,
  • Reduce the errors that cause missed spots, discrepancies, and revenue leakage,
  • Increase the level of vendor interoperability so vendors can communicate seamlessly, 
  • Migrate to new transaction models such as impression, audience, and omnichannel sales.

How might TIP impact sales teams?

The TIP standards should not change your relationship with buyers and your sales responsibilities. Please contact your company’s TIP representative if you are asked about TIP by your buying partners.

Each broadcaster has a different approach to implementing TIP that may need a discussion before responding.

A change you may see today is the increasing use of automated Logtimes using the TIP standard. Many buyers are now able to automatically receive logs and no longer need to request log information directly from their AE. 

The use of electronic Commercial Instructions may also increase with time requiring less manual entry and administration. 

The exchange of pre-sales information with buyers using the TIP standard is another area that broadcasters are targeting with increased automation over the coming months. 

Where can sales teams learn more?

TVB hosts the TIP website where anyone can get the standard.

TIP broadcasters published an outline of a Broadcaster Sales Gateway Solution to facilitate transactions with a buyer’s systems. 

Ask your system providers Imagine, Marketron, Matrix Solutions, Operative, PremiumMedia360 and WideOrbit.

Frontrow Advisory is the consulting company that manages the TIP standard and supports the industry participants with deployment. Contact

The TIP initiative is led by Cox Media Group, Fox Television Stations, Graham Media Group, Gray Television, Hearst Television, NBC Owned Television Stations, Nexstar Media Group, E.W. Scripps, Sinclair Broadcast Group, TEGNA Inc., and Univision