Hot Categories and Successful Advertisers

Hot Categories and Successful Advertisers

Presented: April 23, 2020

Moderated by: Brad Seitter, EVP, Business Development, TVB

Presented by:
Brian Wexler, SVP, Business Development, TVB
Brian Allers, SVP, Business Development, TVB
Scott Fink, President, Fink Automotive Group
Dr. Jeremy Fry, President & CEO, Fry Orthodontics
Artie Altman, EVP, Katz TV Group
Ray Karczewski, EVP Sales, CoxReps

Hear from successful advertisers who have changed their creative, but remain on broadcast TV. You won’t want to miss our roundtable with Katz and CoxReps on national business. We have fewer guests to allow more time for Q&A from you!

  • Brad Seitter hosts roundtable discussion with Artie Altman and Ray Karczewski to discuss how the gradual opening of the country presents an opportunity for spot TV.
  • Brian Wexler interviews Scott Fink. Fink Automotive Group consists of 6 dealerships in the Tampa area including Hyundai of New Port Richey, North America’s largest volume Hyundai dealership.
  • Brian Allers interviews Dr. Jeremy Fry. With 13 locations in the Kansas City metro area, Fry Orthodontics is the largest orthodontics practice in the Midwest.

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