Travel Purchase Funnel 2021

The Impact of Travel Advertising on Purchase Behavior

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The goal of the Travel Purchase Funnel 2021 study was to identify and highlight media platforms’ critical role in influencing consumers during their purchase decision process

TVB commissioned GfK to field a study that looked at the influence of over 20 media platforms on travel consumers’ purchase decisions. To qualify, a respondent needed to be 18 years or older, have made a travel purchase or planned to make a purchase, and saw/heard advertising for the category on ANY of 20+ platforms. Exposure to a TV ad was NOT a prerequisite to participate. Even so, the study confirmed the value of television, as it was the most important influencer throughout all stages of the purchase funnel. The study was fielded July 8th through July 21st during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and like last year, the study uncovered interesting consumer motivations related to this adjusted environment.

Media Platforms Analyzed

Some key findings:

  • Television is the most important influence at all stages of the purchase funnel.
  • Local broadcast TV is #1 for trust among all media platforms and local broadcast TV station websites/apps are #1 for trust among digital platforms. Social media is the least trusted platform.
  • Exposure to TV ads motivated consumers to action.
  • 64% of adults have both purchased and intend to purchase travel services.
  • 80% of respondents said that COVID-19 got them thinking more about travel.
  • 90% of respondents said that TV ads have influenced their travel search selections.
Source: GfK TVB Travel Purchase Funnel 2021 A18+
QA4/QA5/QA6/QA7/QA8; Most important for media that registered 3% or higher.
Source: GfK TVB Travel Purchase Funnel 2021 A18+ B2 “I trust the news that I see/hear on this media source.” (Agree Strongly + Agree Somewhat)